Luxury Dog Kennels, , Oxfordshire

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Luxury Accommodation

Our new luxury hotel accommodation is the latest in kennel design and uses modern materials which have created a safe, clean and hygienic, light, airy and calming feel.  Each client has their own bedroom with en suite outdoor exercise area.  The indoor area has under floor heating, ample space and new style Kuranda hammock beds, with fleece bedding changed daily.  If you prefer to bring your dogs own bedding from home, please feel free to do so.

Exercise, Freedom and outside space

We have several grassy paddocks right beside the kennel building, where the dogs are let out at regular intervals throughout the day to take the air, and enjoy the outdoors.

We also have a one acre securely fenced paddock where we take the dogs daily to have a good run about and burn off excess energy.

This safety and security allows us to let your dog off the lead to do what dogs do - being dogs - and being happy. They can play in as much of an acre as their heart desires!

Your dogs visit will be tailor made, to suit their own individual needs.

High energy ball games for the active dogs, or a slow walk through the field on or off the lead for the more laid-back client.

Why are freedom and space so important to your dog, and for us to offer?  The freedom to charge around like a mad thing, sniff the air, investigate smells and messages from other dogs, play with us, burn off energy and run like the wind - all of which dogs need and adore, but can only be done off the lead.

That is why we have a secure, enclosed 1 acre paddock just for dogs. 

Luxury Dog Kennels, Oxfordshire

Making a happier stay for your dog

If your dog has not been in kennels before, we would advise that you bring your dog in for a trial day, and perhaps an overnight stay ahead of your planned trip away.  This will allow them to know how much fun they can have here, and it will give us a chance to see how they adapt to a stay in kennels, and reassure them that you will come back for them.

 We prefer dogs to arrive in the mornings, as it gives us time to settle your dog into the routine, and make sure that they have had a good walk and as much fun as possible before bedtime.

Dogs who don’t arrive until later in the day may find it more stressful, as there is less time for us to settle them in and get them used to their new surroundings.

 We understand that dogs may enjoy the comfort of familiar items during their time away from home. We ask for your cooperation in limiting the amount of belongings you send with your dog to a few favorite items (toys, blanket) which are CLEAN and labeled with your dog’s name and can be laundered and/or sanitized daily.  

Please be aware we cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to personal belongings.

Luxury Dog Kennels, Oxfordshire